Please, not another juice product

We know, there are tons of juices out there and it really doesn’t seem as if the world needed another juice hitting the market. We get it. And that’s exactly why we didn’t just create another juice. If you made it to here just keep reading, there is a simple reason for our being that makes our products different than most everything else you find out there.

mod_e was founded 2015 by a group of athletes from different disciplines that were looking for clean, organic and healthy sports nutrition specifically catered to the needs of athletes. We wanted fresh performance nutrition that increases athletic abilities-both physically and mentally-for endurance, strength, stamina and recovery. 

Obviously there is all kinds of performance nutrition out there but something non synthetic, natural and all organic without preservatives and added sugars was kind of impossible to find. You might ask why not just buying fresh stuff and preparing it yourself. Because for athletes time is extremely valuable. 

Our vision is to empower athletes of all disciplines to get the most out of their potential while promoting a healthy lifestyle. And the best thing is, unlike with big corporations, we want your help and feedback so we can develop the sports nutrition that you have been looking for.

We just told you who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. Please do the same and let us know what you are into as an athlete and what kind of nutrition you are looking for. Click here to give us feedback. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter with #inthemod_e or Facebook at Mod_e Performance Nutrition.