What does the name mod_e stand for?

As an athlete you are in different modes throughout the day and your training schedule. From kickbutt_ and workout_mod_e to muscle_, recovery_ or relax_mod_e there are different phases you find yourself in. Our goal is to provide you with products that support every part of your day. mod also stands for "method of development" as we believe in natural power fuels and providing the body with healthy nutrition. Lastly it's all about power and energy and that's where the _e comes into play. #inthemod_e

What differentiates your products from others out there?

Our products are as clean as it gets. No added sugars, no preservatives, no cheap fillers like apple juice or water that many other companies use to hide natural flavors and reduce cost. Always check the ingredients on the label, they are listed in order of the highest volume ingredient. mod_e only uses premium ingredients that provide performance and health benefits because when your body needs every nuance of nutrients to perform at highest levels you can't cut corners. #noBS_mod_e

What makes your products work?

It's not about a hip list of ingredients or just the amount of them. We put a lot of effort into designing products that have the best balance of right ingredients, right amounts and right combinations to help athletes perform at their best potential.

Can the taste from order to order change slightly?

Yes! Our products are all organic certified and natural. We are proud of that and everyone using them benefits from that. But no natural product is equal and there are variances in tastes from one product to another that can slightly effect the taste. Just imagine going into a grocery store and buying two carrots. If one's taste would be slightly different than the others would be completely normal and no one would even question it. Ultimately, while the taste can slightly differ the performance benefits and nutritional values do not change.

Are the effects and benefits scientificly proven?

The effects of many of the ingredients we use have been clinically tested and studied for performance and health benefits for many decades. We don't offer magical potions and the effects are dependent on many other factors that we have no control over but mod_e offers super clean nutrition with the intent to help athletes get the most out of their potential. All without stuffing their bodies full of synthetic stuff. 

How quickly should I see performance effects after consuming your products?

How our products work very much depends on the individual athlete and many factors that ultimately have an affect on their performance. We'd love to provide a one size fits all answer but can not. 

Can I buy the products in stores?

Not yet, but soon. For now, you can pre-order online and receive them on your doorstep very soon.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our current products are vegan. We are currently working on the formal certification.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our current products are gluten free.

How long do my juices last if refrigerated and how long do they last if left out?

Unopened all beverages last about 45 days in the fridge (35 degrees Fahrenheit at regular fridge temp). 

How long do my juices last after opened?

Once opened, you should consume the same or next day. And always keep it refrigerated if you don't consume a bottle at once.

Are your products good for children or only adults?

Our products have been particularly developed for athletes and people of all ages engaging in physical activity. However, people with allergies and dietary restrictions should consider our ingredient list.

I wouldn't consider myself to be an athlete can I still use your products?

Absolutely! Hopefully, you will be feeling better, have more energy and find yourself more active.